A couple of days ago I had my first MVP award anniversary (not yet renewal :))

Below there is a small summary of last year plus small quiz info.

  • I was speaking on 5 conferences (mostly in Europe)
  • I was delivering 2 remote workshops about Azure AD Security in Poland and UAE
  • I was a speaker multiple meetups in Poland (10+)
  • I have created articles about Azure AD / Security / Passwordless
  • I have published code for Active Directory Assessment
  • I was technical moderator during Microsoft Virtual Training Days

What are the plans for next year? Continue exploration of security-focused on Azure and on-premises and soon you should see some new stuff on this blog.


So dear reader I would love to get your feedback about my blog, what are the top 3 most useful/favorite articles, what to improve, and what tech articles would you like to read here.
You can provide feedback using the comments section or via Linkedin.
From the answers, I will draw three prizes in the form of FIDO keys.

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